The TANGO Future vision

We envision a world in which we can foster and negotiate ideas and solutions to benefit the most people. This means hearing from more people with greater diversity of backgrounds and understanding.

At TANGO Future, we facilitate necessary interactions today to ensure diverse voices and experiences are heard in discussions regarding the most important aspects of creating a better future.

Problem 1

We all want to break out of bubbles and work with people from diverse backgrounds but this is rarely successful, and even with best efforts, diversity of thought is often lost.

solution 1

An online database of diverse experts from a huge variety of fields. This will include partnerships with organizations that feature diverse experts in individual fields.

Problem 2

Policymakers don’t understand emerging technology. Policymakers don’t know how to simultaneously address current problems and plan ahead for future issues.

Solution 2

On the online platform, we will develop creative and hopefully unique ways of creating interaction. One example of this is the podcast in which the guests come back to interview each other and answer audience questions.

Problem 3

Mid-sized businesses don’t know enough about emerging technologies or policy to understand how either will impact their businesses.

Solution 3

We will feature people who can offer unique and informed insights about problems and issues, even if they aren’t traditional experts. These people will influence the experts, philanthropists, and others who can influence policymakers.

Problem 4

A lack of interaction between the people who fall into categories listed in the problems above.

Solution 4

We will set up informational meetings between experts and policy makers. 

Problem 5

People in arts, entertainment, journalism, religion, etc., have more success in reaching the general public (which includes policymakers and business people), but they also don’t have the best understanding of emerging technology or policy.

Solution 5

We will offer a paid service to match experts with business needs, such as keynote speakers, panelists, conference participants, expert consultation, board members, etc.