Finding the people who can help you understand and solve your biggest problems.

We find the smartest, most creative, most knowledgeable people from around the world, and we invite them to join us in our effort to help leaders understand and address major issues. We cover a variety of fields, from emerging technologies to physical and social sciences to arts and culture to national and international policy. We partner with the amazing organizations that highlight the diverse experts from individual fields, and we make it easier for policymakers, businesses, conference organizers, and journalists to find the experts they need. 

Matching policymakers with experts

Policymakers in the US and around the world need to not only understand the major issues facing society, they also need to understand the impacts of any solutions we consider to address those issues. We will begin working with policymakers and their staff to set up meetings with our experts. This will enable our experts to speak directly with people who have the most opportunity to impact our future for the better. Our focus for these meetings will be emerging technologies, with the goal of helping policy makers better understand the technologies, the potential impact of the technologies, and the potential impact of various legislation that could be adopted to address concerns around technologies. These meetings will be informative and educational.

finding the experts you need

Policies and emerging technologies impact everyone. If you’re a journalist, we can help you find experts who can answer your questions and help you tell your story more accurately. If you’re a conference organizer, we can help make sure you have the best, most diverse panelists and speakers. If you represent a business, we can help you find speakers, board members, consultants, and other advisors to help your business keep up with the latest technologies, understand how upcoming policies may impact you, and find solutions to ensure business continues to run smoothly.

We can help!

We’ve done our best to make this database as user-friendly and easy to use as possible. But, if you’re in a hurry, or if you want help sorting through all of the amazing talent on the site, or if you just want to support our efforts, we also offer an affordable service in which we can find the best expert for your needs.